Monday, March 21, 2011

Tekelec Prepares Policy Management for M2M Communication

Tekelec is introducing "a new machine-to-machine (M2M) service enablement solution for mobile service providers to deliver advanced M2M services. Tekelec's solution uniquely combines multiple network functions to give service providers new abilities to scale M2M deployments, prioritize and manage devices and applications and analyze M2M service performance".

See "Tekelec Unveils Intelligent Machine-to-Machine Service Enablement Solution" - here.

According to a recent Infonetics research report (here) - "The number of connections for embedded mobile M2M applications hit 87 million in 2009 and is forecast by Infonetics Research to jump to 428 million by 2014, driven by wider availability of services, new M2M applications, and 'Connected Society' regulatory and policy initiatives".

Tekelec' solution integrates several components, including Policy management and  Diameter Signaling Router (here).

Policy management will "allow service providers to apply different qualities of service to different machines and implement flexible service plans based on transactions, connections, time of day, location, applications, or data usage".

Source: Tekelec White paper - "Machine to Machine Services"

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