Friday, April 8, 2011

ALU CTO Predicts: "By 2015 the network will be intelligent"

Marcus Weldon (picture), Corporate CTO for Alcatel-Lucent, believes that the " ..2010-2020 decade will be the decade of the network, but a very different kind of network".

In an article in ALU's TECHZine, Mr. Weldon lists "5 fundamental changes or shifts occurring" - there will be one, open and green network, the network will be a platform ("applications will run in the network") and (#2 on his list):

"The network will be intelligent: As Moore’s law continues its seemingly inexorable progression, the cost of processing and the associated memory and storage will have decreased to the point where the economics of embedding application-level functionality in the network makes sense. This will allow much more efficient use of network resources, and a concomitant improvement in the user Quality of Experience (QoE). We are already seeing this trend with the move towards sophisticated application-aware traffic management for optimized applications delivery and with embedded caching  functionality in network elements [See Alcatel-Lucent: "Cache in Routers is more than Nice to Have - here]  for optimized video delivery anywhere, anytime to any device".

See "The Future of Networks in 5 Steps" - here.

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