Saturday, April 16, 2011

Video Optimization - the Holistic Approach

John Giere (picture), Openwave's SVP, Products and Marketing, posted a concise article  to the company's blog, discussing the ways operators can improve the economics of OTT video delivery in mobile networks, facing the increasing demand for bandwidth and video the resulting congestion and the need to increase profit.

Needless to say that it is also important to compare the technical details behind "optimization" offered by different vendors - (Bytemobile, Flash Netwroks, Mobilxell, Openwave and Vantrix just to name a few) -  what are the techniques offered and the cost if implementing the solution taking into account the h/w requirements.

John suggests that:
  • Quality mobile video viewing experiences can be enabled through “self-optimizing” techniques: solutions that automatically trigger optimization only when the network conditions reach certain congestion thresholds that cause video quality to degrade, Rather than compressing all of the traffic all of the time, which is expensive and can stifle networks, optimization is triggered only when there is a video quality issue caused by too much data traffic
  • Intelligent caching .. Caching the most frequently viewed videos closer to the network edge results in faster download and playback, and prevents wasted bandwidth that occurs from retrieving the same video repeatedly from the server of origin.
  • Monetization must be part of the discussion around video optimization, which is why analytics and policy must be addressed (the article provides a example)
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