Saturday, April 30, 2011

TM Announcements: Stoke and Zhilabs' Integrated Offload And Optimization

Follow-up on Stoke's "Mobile Data Offload Ecosystem" (here): The vendor and Zhilabs, jointly announced that they ".. have teamed to create an integrated mobile data offload and traffic optimization solution that provides operators with the ability to manage explosive demand for mobile data. The combined capability delivers fine-grained visibility and control of traffic, enabling operators to apply management policies to reduce costs, improve use of network resources and a greatly improved customer experience".

See "Stoke And Zhilabs Team To Create Integrated Offload And Optimization Capability For Mobile Broadband Networks" - here.
"Operators can resolve specific traffic conditions and make optimization, offload and traffic re-direction decisions using the control point created by the Iu-PS breakout and management capabilities of Stoke's 3GPP-standard Mobile Data Offload gateway together with Zhilabs' insight into RAN and Core network conditions


Features of the Stoke and Zhilabs solution:
  • Combines granular visibility with precise control, dramatically enhancing the operator's traffic management tool kit
  • Offload and traffic redirection decisions can be made based on real-time network conditions
  • The resulting levels of control and resource optimization have been shown in large-scale trials to reduce capacity demand and associated capital and operations expense by 15% or more"

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