Sunday, April 10, 2011

Telesperience: 97% of CSPs will use Traffic Shaping by 2013, 73% will Use Offload

A new survey by Dr Therese Cory, Associate Principal Analyst, and Teresa Cottam (picture), Research Director, from Telesperience, commissioned by Volubill (see "Volubill Research Gives Insight into Mobile Operators' Future Traffic Management Strategies" - here) analyzes how communication service providers are using offloading and traffic shaping to optimize capacity and service.

The report maybe downloaded from Volubill site, here (requires registration).

As for traffic shaping (see charts below), the report finds that " .. 47% of operators currently employ traffic shaping, and 97% plan to by 2013, with 53% saying they are doing so with the intention of delivering more granular service offerings such as the prioritization of specific data types by service. Traffic shaping strategies such as these can deliver more personalized offerings to customers willing to pay incremental premiums for guaranteed quality and access to specific services"

"Only 7% currently offer differentiated QoS plans today, but 53% are actively investigating the use of differentiated service models .. Prioritization by service type was cited by the largest number of operators, 37%, as the form of QoS differentiation being investigated most"

Much more inside - happy reading!

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