Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Verizon on OTT Video - "It's not something that's top of mind for us"

While MSOs are going after OTT video (here), and "Verizon Invests $340M in OTT Video Distribution Services"- herethe carrier CFO, Fran Shammo (picture), says that "Verizon is putting all its attention on increasing the number of customers that subscribe to its FiOS TV service in order to help pay for the $23 billion it spent building a fiber network for FiOS .. It's [OTT Video] something that we've looked at. It's not something that's top of mind for us it would be hard to create a successful "over-the-top" business model without offering something that's very different to what consumers can already get".

See "Verizon CFO says not pursuing Web video for now" - here.

"Verizon said it ended the second quarter with 4.3 million FiOS Internet customers and 3.7 million FiOS TV customers in its quarterly report"

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