Monday, April 11, 2011

Verizon Invests $340M in OTT Video Distribution Services

If you can't fight them (because of public demand and/or Network Neutrality) at least try to capture some of the revenues.

Verizon wholesale is now offering content management and distribution services, competing with the CDN industry. They did not miss the ad-insertion option, too.

Verizon "is unveiling new "content-to-consumer" delivery capabilities at the NAB Show to help entertainment and media companies satisfy and capitalize on consumers' growing appetite for live and on-demand, personalized video content on their smartphones, tablets and other devices".

See "Verizon Unveils Advanced Digital Media Management and Distribution Platform for Entertainment Industry to Capitalize on New 'Content-to-Consumer' Experiences" - here and an executive brief - here.

"Verizon Digital Media Services [here and chart below] is a first-of-its-kind solution that will automate previously manual workflow processes associated with formatting, managing and delivering digital media to virtually any device or platform on a large scale.  As a result, content owners and digital retailers will be able to more effectively produce, manage and distribute premium programming to consumers when, how and where they want to view it. Verizon Digital Media Services will help content owners and digital media retailers tackle wide-scale content management and distribution challenges.  It will also ultimately enable high-quality and reliable "unicast" -- individualized video streams -- tailored to fit consumer preferences on virtually any viewing screen.

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