Tuesday, April 19, 2011

DPI Announcements: Comverse Adds Policy-Aware Congestion Control solution

Comverse announced it has enhanced its Mobile Internet Hub product with a Congestion Control solution (see "Comverse New CEO to Continue with the "Comverse 3.0" Plan" - here).

" .. Linking smart detection and dynamic policy decisions with effective congestion control actions enables enforcement of congestion policies [here] based on multiple parameters: congestion severity level, traffic/device type, time of day, subscriber data plan, etc. Real-time measurements and smart traffic heuristics facilitate identification of congested cells and heavy users; optimal congestion control policy is then efficiently enforced with pinpoint accuracy where needed — utilizing DPI [here], video optimization and QoS modification capabilities".

See "Comverse Policy-Aware Congestion Control Solution Puts Mobile Internet Users in the Fast Lane" - here.

Clare McCarthy (picture; see also here), Principal Analyst at Ovum, said: ".. To address advanced use cases like congestion management, it is critical for operators to adopt a proactive approach that integrates detection, policy and enforcement. An effective congestion management solution with DPI and video optimization capabilities puts operators in a position to alleviate the load on network capacity while delivering an excellent user experience".

See my coverage of competitive solutions from Volubill (here), GENBAND (here), BroadHop/CommProve (here), Allot (here),  Openet (here) and Sycamore (here).

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