Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Net Neutrality - Recent Developments in the US

The legal debate over the recent FCC Net Neutrality rules (here) continues.

Michelle Maisto reports to that "Lawsuits filed by Verizon Wireless [see "Verizon Appeals vs. FCC Net Neutrality" - here] and MetroPCS [see "MetroPCS LTE Service Plans: "Pay to use Applications" - here] against the FCC's new net-neutrality rules have been thrown out—for the time being—by a federal court .. The court ruled that once those regulations are in place—likely in late May or early June—the carriers can then dispute them".

See "Verizon, MetroPCS Lawsuits Against FCC Net-Neutrality Rules Dismissed" - here.

Last month, Cecilia Kang reported to The Washington Post, that "A House panel on Wednesday voted to invalidate Internet access rules created by the Federal Communications Commission. But they will remain in place unless Congress and the president take further action"

See "House panel votes to invalidate net neutrality rules" - here.

The resolution was approved by the House yesterday, reports Cade Metz (picture) to The Register: "the House approved a resolution that "disapproves" (PDF) the net neut rules laid down by the FCC in December, with the vote splitting almost entirely along party lines. 241 congressmen voted in favor of the resolution – all but a handful of them Republican – and 178 voted against. Republicans have argued that the FCC does not have the authority to lay down such rules. If the bill reaches President Obama, however, he is likely to veto it".

See "US House votes to bar FCC net neut rules" - here.

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