Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Akamai to Use P2P for Video Streaming

Ryan Lawler (picture) reports to Gigaom that "Akamai could soon begin leveraging peer-to-peer (P2P) technology to enable its media customers to stream live or on-demand videos to end users",

P2P, which is usually associated with downloading of copyrighted content, is going to be very different with such use. It will set a new challenge to DPI vendors and operators regarding the ability to properly classify traffic and enforce the commercially-correct QoS/Traffic management policies to it.

See also "BitTorrent Works with Content Producers for "content 'discoverability’, distribution and monetisation" - here.
Back to Ryan's post - "The benefits of P2P-based delivery are huge, as client-side technology drastically reduce the number of bits that a CDN has to deliver. More importantly, if implemented in the right way P2P technology can source bits from viewers closer to the end user, which takes much of strain off the global Internet architecture. P2P advocates have claimed for years that the only way the Internet will be able keep up with traffic demands is if video files can be streamed and sourced through local ISP networks"

See "Akamai to Launch P2P-Based Streaming Video Client" - here.

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