Sunday, April 17, 2011

PCRF Deployments (64): Tango Telecom PCRF used for QoS based Pricing Plans

Tango Telecom announced "the successful deployment of its Mobile Data Charging & Policy Control Platform (iAX™ Data) with a leading APAC carrier .. Tango Telecom’s iAX™ Data platform [covered - here]  was used by a mid-tier APAC carrier to launch an unlimited data plan to its prepaid subscriber base while sustaining profitability by varying quality of service (QoS)

.. In order to manage this growing appetite for these bandwidth-hungry data services, yet insure that revenues are increasing at a similar pace, the carrier used a tiered service-level plan, which allows for adjusting QoS download speed and implementing Fair Usage Policies .. By dynamically controlling QoS on a per-subscriber basis, Tango Telecom’s Data Charging and Policy Control Platform enables carriers to offer innovative service and pricing plans to encourage spending, yet still increase profits".

See "Tango Telecom Enables Mid-Tier APAC Telco to Increase Profits on Mobile Data Services" - here. It was released during the Rural Cellular Association (RCA) show held in Las Vegas between 17-20 April.

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