Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DPI Announcements: Qosmos' DPI Engine Ready for Next-Generation Firewalls

Qosmos announced  "..Additions to Qosmos’ ixEngine Software Development Kit enable next generation firewall vendors to quickly embed Layer 7 applications visibility and control into products for real-time application identification irrespective of ports or tunnels, while reducing time to market and development costs .. the decoding capabilities of ixEngine have been optimized for all leading processors on the market: Intel x86, NetLogic XLR, Cavium Octeon (see also - here), Tilera TILEPro, and Freescale PowerQUICC"

See "Qosmos Enhancements to ixEngine SDK Improve Application Identification and Time to Market for Next-Generation Firewalls" - here.

"Qosmos ixEngine provides next-generation firewall vendors (see chart for an implementation example) with just such capabilities that ensure:
  • Resilience, by functioning even under adverse external conditions (e.g. maliciously forged packets or flows)
  • Robustness, by performing well during difficult situations (e.g. SYN flood attacks, incomplete traffic)
  • Reliability, by adequately decoding traffic even under unusual circumstances (e.g. tunnels, obfuscated traffic, non-standard protocol behavior)"

Qosmos site quotes Brian Partridge (picture), VP, Yankee Group, saying: "By using proven tool kits from third-party specialists, vendors can improve development efficiency and time to market of new products and keep existing products updated in terms of feature enhancements such as new protocol support."


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