Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DPI Deployments (63):Sandvine Exposes Telefonica/O2 Use Cases

Maybe in order to balance the not-so-great quarterly results (here), Sandvine is finally exposing today its long time deployment (according to Vicente San Miguel (picture), CTO, Telefonica Corporate "[we are] Working with Sandvine since 2008").

While I already mentioned the relations a year ago (see "Sandvine - Who is the Global DSL/Mobile Customer with 20 Properties?" - here) we get today some of the use cases implemented by Sandvine's DPI gear.

Source: Sandvine Q1 2011 Results

"Sandvine's network policy control solutions provide Telefonica with detailed visibility and reporting of network usage across the company's global footprint in over twenty countries .. In one use-case, Telefonica's UK subsidiary, O2, is helping reduce consumer bill shock .. At another subsidiary, Telefonica recently introduced a menu of tiered pricing plans that accommodate subscribers' personalized network usage patterns and budgets ..Telefonica is also helping to protect their global consumers, through the implementation and adoption of measures to combat child pornography through Sandvine's URL Access Control product".

See "Sandvine and Telefonica Bring Better Broadband to Over 250 Million Customers Worldwide" - here.

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