Friday, April 1, 2011

AT&T CEO Expects "a very significant increase in data throughput in a very short time"

AT&T is spending $39B to meet demand for mobile data.

Randall Stephenson (picture), AT&T CEO, told Paul Taylor from the Financial Times on the recent proposed purchase of T-Mobile USA:

"This transaction is very instrumental in this, because in New York City [here] we will get a 30 per cent lift in capacity virtually the day the deal closes. That [will result] in a very significant increase in call quality and data throughput in a very short time .. data consumption had increased by 8,000 per cent over the past four years [previously - "5,000% in 3 Years" - here] and was projected to increase eight to10-fold over the next five years ..There is not enough spectrum and airwaves to accommodate this if there isn’t a restructuring of the spectrum in some fashion "
I guess this means that the T-Mobile network is significantly under-utilized!
Full story "AT&T chief defends T-Mobile tie-up" - here.

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