Wednesday, April 13, 2011

FCC is Asking: "What are the Important Quality Factors in Broadband Services"?

The FCC seeks for public commentson the ".. kinds of “need for speed” information that will be most useful to consumers in choosing their Internet service"

The marketplace for broadband service is a confusing one for consumers,” says CGB Bureau Chief Joel Gurin (picture). “Most people don’t understand megabits-per-second in the way they understand miles-per-gallon .. an FCC Survey last year found that 80 percent of people with broadband don’t even know what speed they’re getting from their service. .. This Public Notice will provide a way for internet service providers, the tech community, and the public to help develop clear guidelines that will help everyone understand how to get the service they need.”

See the press release "FCC Bureau Seeks Comment on "Need for Speed" Information for Consumers of Broadband Services" - here and the public notice - here.

"Some applications, like e-mail, are generally not sensitive to network performance. Other applications, such as videoconferencing and gaming, may be affected significantly by a broadband service’s speed, latency, and jitter .. We note that the Open Internet Order [here] requires broadband providers to disclose information regarding network management practices, performance, and commercial terms of broadband services This Public Notice seeks input on the particular types of “need for speed” information that are most useful to consumers"
Well, if people can't understand "bps", how would they resolve of the mystrey behind "Jitter" ?

And indeed one of the questions asked by the FCC is "What is the best way to present information regarding broadband performance needs in a concise, cost-effective manner that facilitates informed consumer choice?" for which the following example is attached to the document (yet still about bps only.. ).


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