Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Policy/DPI Testing Announcements: MU Dynamics Tests Carriers' Application Aware Networks

Mu Dynamics announced "..the only testing solution on the market capable of immediately and accurately recreating applications to determine how they affect networks .. Tier-1 service providers and leading network equipment manufacturers like Juniper Networks are using Mu’s unique solution [TestCloud and here] to quickly test new application policies that govern security, scalability and functionality"

See "Tier-1 Service Providers, Vendors Deploy Mu Dynamics for Testing Application-Aware Networks" - here.

.. testing today’s complex policies has become a significant challenge. With hundreds of thousands of Web and mobile applications including P2P (such as BitTorrent), streaming video (such as Netflix and Hulu), social media (such as Facebook and Twitter), games (such as Farmville and Mafia Wars), and instant messaging (such as Skype and Google Chat), service providers are struggling to manage their networks effectively. In addition, rules around Net Neutrality provide guidelines on how service providers can manage and create application-specific policies"

"In response to this, many service providers and their equipment vendors are incorporating "application awareness" into their products and services to enable a far more granular classification and control of application traffic. These app-aware products and services help detect and classify applications for a number of functions including deep packet inspection (DPI), lawful intercept, traffic shaping and prioritization across the network  .. Mu’s unique solution gives service providers and equipment vendors the ability to immediately recreate and accurately test network policies using real application flows"

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