Tuesday, April 5, 2011

PCRF Announcements: Volubill Goes to the Edge for Offload/Breakout Control

The trend of moving intelligence down to the network edge continues. Volubill launched a new solution, Volubill Edge Offload, that enables "operators to leverage the benefits of policy control and charging technologies at the network edge for essential reductions in network traffic congestion and increases in customer satisfaction".

See "Volubill Edge OffloadTM Takes Mobile Network Optimization to a New Level"  - here.

The Edge Offload™ solution "enables operators to selectively breakout data sessions where traffic can be locally shaped and routed from the nearest Internet, cache or CDN interconnect. Of critical importance in a solution of this nature is the level of control for identifying and breaking out traffic, and the ability then to shape those sessions for optimum bandwidth utilization. This will improve RAN congestion, enforce policies in alignment to the subscriber's service level, and charge the subscriber appropriately for the service (or content) delivered".

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