Friday, April 29, 2011

[update-1] The Royal Wedding Challenge - Who will be the First to Publish Traffic Statistics?

Short update to yesterday's post (here) in which I urged the traffic management vendors to track internet use this morning - Sandvine has picked up the challenge. In his yesterday’s blog post, Tom Donnelly (picture) Sandvine's VP, Sales and Marketing promises:
 "How many people are going to watch it online and what impact will that have on both fixed and mobile networks?  Over the weekend, we’ll be working hard to crunch the data in order to get a clear picture of where, when, and how viewers experienced the wedding online.  Check back shortly early next week where we will post our full findings in our “Global Internet Phenomena Spotlight: The Royal Wedding”.  Until then, check out these fun wedding stats and enjoy the show!

See "The WWWedding – Global Internet Phenomena?"  - here.

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