Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vodafone and T-Mobile Netherlands also Control Applications' Use

The Dutch site reports that it is not only KPN (see "KPN to Charge Extra for VoIP, Messaging and Streaming Video" - here) that is planning to charge extra for certain services - Vodafone and T-mobile have similar thoughts (or even actions).

See "Ook Vodafone blokkeert diensten" - here (Dutch ; the quotes below are translated using Google and Bing, to the best on my understanding)

"Vodafone blocks VoIP and sms over IP for sometime now, as it turns out after questions from For the basic subscriptions  - "call + sms + web" and a basic data bundle Smartphone Blox, Vodafone blocks VoIP. Customers that want to do use of these services should be paid extra .. In its terms document (here) of the "call + sms + web subscription" it states that the use of VoIP and SMSoIP is not allowed as well as "excessive" use of audio or video streaming is. WhatsApp is not covered by SMSoIP".

"T-Mobile would not comment .. but said in January 2011 that price differentiation is a way to manage the growing network traffic. "It is important that the quality of the network and the services offered thereon, safeguarded" said T-Mobile in January "One way to do it, is based on price". These statements are similar to KPN's recent announcement. However company spokesperson said that "T-Mobile does not mean that the measures are still being considered and whether a decision has been made".

See also " Vodafone Uses DPI and Policy Management to Improve QoE" - here.

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