Thursday, April 7, 2011

Infonetics: Policy Management Market, Driven by Wireless Congestion, is Congested

Last month Infonetics Research published its semi-annual report covering the policy management market (here). Shira Levine, the analyst behind the report was interviewed to Susana Schwartz (picture) of Connected Plant and added some more details:

"Because of that growing demand, there are many players now entering the policy market, with Openet now ranking as the top player in what is becoming a very hotly contested area. It’s incredibly tight, as the top players are all within one million dollars of each other .. Bridgewater and Tekelec as other top players ..You have so many different vendors now getting into policy as the need for integration with real-time charging grows. You have Comverse and Amdocs, and IT players like HP"

"There are more and more investments in policy solutions driven by certain use cases built around campaign management, loyalty programs, acquisition-and-retention initiatives, bill shock, or the desire to do more creative charging and bundling of over-the-top services like Netflix or YouTube with certain QoS guarantees"

See "Managing exploding wireless, over-the-top usage drives policy market" - here.

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