Thursday, April 28, 2011

Canada's UBB: Telus will offer "a really customer friendly" Service

Canada's metered DSL service story continues (background - here, here) the operators and ISPs are pretty active, at least on the announcement  side, saying that customer even like it.

Andrew Weichel reported to CTV News that Shaw's CEO, Bradley Shaw (picture), said in a Shaw executive conference call that " ..customers have shown a recognition that the principle of ‘if you use more, you should pay more' holds true .. customers professed little willingness to switch providers if usage-based billing is imposed"

Telus spokesman Shawn Hall (picture) told the reporter that "... his company will also be implementing usage-based fees later this year for anyone exceeding their monthly cap. It's going to be really customer friendly You'd be forgiven for the first month you go over. You'd get lots of warning, lots of notice that you were going over with options of moving to other plans."

see "Shaw planning to revive metered internet billing: critics" - here.

In parallel to the above, it is not clear if Bell can correctly measure consumption for its retail and ISP customers. Karl Bode reports to that "Bell in Canada, who recently acknowledged their DSL usage meter didn't work very well, and isn't particularly good at accurately tracking wireless data usage either".

See "Bell Still Struggling to Meter Usage Accurately" - here.

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