Monday, April 11, 2011

CDN Announcements: Cotendo's Cloudlet - Getting Closer to the Subscriber

Busy day for the CDN space! After seeing the new Verizon services (here) we get also a new announcement from Cotendo, a young startup, that got its fame from a recent deal with AT&T (see "AT&T Partners With Cotendo For App Acceleration, Will Challenge Akamai" - here).

Cotendo announces "the availability of its new Cloudlet™ Platform, the world’s first fully customizable, high-performance and globally distributed cloud application environment. The patent-pending Cloudlet™ platform revolutionizes the CDN space by enabling mobile and wired content providers to extend their business logic to the edge of the network, moving content delivery decision making closer than ever before to the end user"

See "Cotendo Announces Patent-Pending Cloudlet™ Platform, The First CDN Integrated High Performance Cloud Application Environment" - here.

Udi Trugman (picture), Vice President of Research & Development at Cotendo said: “Cloudlet™ modules radically simplify the efficient delivery and acceleration of personalized applications, without the usual required overhead of modifying the application for integration with acceleration services"

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