Saturday, April 9, 2011

How Much of Smartphone Traffic could be Offloaded to Wi-Fi?

Gabriel Brown, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading covers the paper Mobile Data Offloading: How Much Can WiFi Deliver? and concludes that ".. the data does appear to show, pretty conclusively, that Wi-Fi is already taking much of the burden of smartphone traffic growth".

See more - "Mobile Wi-Fi Offload" - here.

The paper, by Kyunghan Lee (picture), Injong Rhee from Department of Computer Science North Carolina State University and Joohyun Lee, Song Chong, Yung Yi Department of Electrical Engineering KAIST Daejeon, Korea "presents a quantitative study on the performance of 3G mobile data offloading throughWiFi networks. We recruited about 100 iPhone users from metropolitan areas and collected statistics on their WiFi connectivity during about a two and half week period in February 2010"

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