Monday, July 9, 2012

ALU: Why will Enterprises Pay Premium for a Carrier Cloud Service?

A presentation delivered by Andreas Lemke (pictured), Director Cloud Solution Marketing, Alcatel-Lucent, at the Network Automation Conference held in Paris, recently about the carrier cloud, which "is a new class of cloud that brings together the data center and the carrier network for a differentiated, much higher value end-to-end offer. However, to realize the potential, the operation of the carrier cloud needs to be industrialized and automated. This way, the set up times of a networked cloud service can be reduced from weeks to minutes".

Slide 4 "Why should a service provider care? Enterprises will pay premium for carrier cloud" shows why enterprises will pay premium for a carrier cloud service, as oppose to the well-known public clouds. 

The main reasons are latency and bandwidth guarantees

See "Critical orchestration and automation tasks in the carrier cloud" - here

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