Friday, July 13, 2012

Openet Extends Policy Enforcement to the Device; Reduces Signaling Congestion

Openet announced the ".. The immediate availability of Openet Interaction Gateway, which enables operators to extend Policy and Charging Control (PCC) system capabilities to the device for improved customer experience and optimization of network resources".

"Openet Interaction Gateway provides for device-level policy enforcement, enabling optimized device and network  interaction for a more granular control of services. The Interaction Gateway, in conjunction with an interaction agent  installed on the users handset, enables operators to monitor and manage application behaviour, set application priorities and manage network access requested by ‘chatty apps’". 
I asked Shane O'Flynn, Openet's Global VP Engineering who is providing the above mentioned agents: "we do for certain use cases and we use third parties for others where specific data is required or their agent is already in place"

"Interaction Gateway provides the advantage of enabling on-device enforcement of policies to reduce signaling congestion. By optimizing the signaling created by “chatty” apps that constantly query the network for updates, mobile device battery life can improve by up to 50 percent, and mobile infrastructure resources such as DHCP IP address allocation and AAA capacity can be preserved. Customer experience then improves through more robust mobile connectivity and better device performance".

See "Openet Introduces Interaction Gateway" - here.

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