Tuesday, July 10, 2012

[Infonetics]: DDoS Prevention Market Grows; Challenged by Hosted/SaaS Solutions

A new research by Jeff Wilson, principal analyst for security, Infonetics Research, concludes that "Sustained DDoS activity will drive the prevention market to 24% growth in 2012 over 2011 .. Combined, all segments of the DDoS prevention market—data center, carrier transport, mobile, and government—are forecast by Infonetics to top $420 million by 2016 .. The data center segment of the DDoS prevention market is growing fast and is expected to pass the carrier transport segment by the end of 2012".

"While the market for dedicated DDoS prevention solutions remains strong, going forward the overall performance of the market and the vendors in it will be challenged by the widening availability of hosted/SaaS solutions and new integrated security platforms that include DDoS prevention as a feature".

"Arbor Networks, the largest vendor in the DDoS prevention appliance market, maintains a commanding overall lead with nearly 3/5 of global revenue, although Radware [see "Radware Adds SSL Support" - hereis challenging in the government network segment"

See "Infonetics Research forecasts DDoS prevention market to grow 24% in 2012 as competition heats up" - here.

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