Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ad Insertion Deployments [160]: TTNET [Turkey] Deploys Phorm

Phorm announced that "..we have now installed our system within the network of leading Turkish ISP TTNET [a subsidiary of Türk Telekom], which has around 6m Turkish broadband lines. We are in the process of sending ‘opt-in’ invitations to TTNET’s subscribers and, as with Phorm’s operations in both Brazil [Oi and Telefonica - hereand Romania [see "Romtelecom Launching Personalized Ad Insertion Service, Using Phorm" - here], we have been delighted with the results which are in excess of our expectations". 

Number of Broadband Subscribers, TTNET;
Source: Turk Telekom Group

Kent Ertugrul, CEO, said: "TTNET is the fourth ISP with whom  we have deployed and this reflects a growing realization by ISPs around the world that Phorm’s solution provides significant benefits for consumers, ISPs, advertisers and publishers alike .. The scale of our operations in Turkey represents a significant revenue opportunity for Phorm and the initial advertiser and publisher reaction to our 
proposition has been very encouraging". 

See "Commencement of Commercial Activities in Turkey with TTNET" - here.


  1. Is this the same outfit that key players in the UK and Europe wouldn't touch with an extended bargepole?

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