Friday, July 13, 2012

UK ISP: Olympics without FUP or Traffic Shaping- A Revenue Opportunity?

While there are many signs that the London 2012 Olympic Games will set at least one new world record - in Internet traffic (here), one ISP remains calm and certain in its ability to deliver the service, and encourges its subscribers to use it.

ZEN Internet said in a press release "The Olympics will create a massive amount of demand for bandwidth due to the BBC alone providing live coverage from 24 locations during the event therefore meaning the Internet will be used to stream huge amounts of video".

We still stick firmly with the policy of no Fair Usage Policy (FUP) and no traffic shaping on our award winning broadband services. This means that with us, unlike many other ISPs, you can enjoy your usage allowance at the fastest speed your connection can support at anytime, no matter what type of application, service or media you want to access". 
Compare to - "2012 Olympics: Will ISPs Use Traffic shaping to Cope with Demand?" - here.

[Nevertheless] .. "If you are going to be watching the Olympics online you may want to keep an eye on your usage. You can find out how to do this by reading our Broadband: Tracking your Usage knowledgebase article".

Is this going to be a great revenue opportunity of subscribers buying "Buying additional capacity" ? 

See "Our preparations for London 2012" - here.


  1. With the increase in the trend of watching sports on online streams, it is for sure that upcoming London Olympics 2012 will drive record breaking traffic towards online streams providing best revenue opportunities to the Subscribers. Great Thought! Thanks alot!