Saturday, July 28, 2012

Optimization Announcements: Mobixell Dynamically Optimize Mobile MP4

Mobixell Networks announced that its "..‘Smooth DBRA’ technology is in pre-production tests at a leading Tier 1 European mobile operator ..  Integrated into the operator’s core network, Mobixell Smooth DBRA (Dynamic Bitrate Adaptation) technology senses changes on each connected mobile device and transrates (or adapts the output bitrate of) video files while they are playing to best suit changing network conditions: When bandwidth is available, DBRA maximizes a video file’s bitrate to deliver the highest available video quality. When less bandwidth is available, DBRA reduces bitrate so that a video can play without stalls and buffering. Then, when bandwidth becomes available again, DBRA restores maximal bitrate".

"Other DBRA solutions and video encoded with ABR (Adaptive Bitrate) can jump among only 3 or 4 pre-defined bitrates. However, Mobixell Smooth DBRA adapts video bitrate precisely to the level that is needed to match available network bandwidth. This ‘fine tuning’ creates a smooth viewing experience with the highest possible performance and quality and ensures that video is optimized only when needed .. In addition to MP4 support and fine-tuned transrating, Mobixell Smooth DBRA also reacts to changes in network conditions and adapts video bitrate up to twice as fast as existing solutions – within 1 to 2 seconds compared to 3 to 4 seconds".

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