Monday, July 16, 2012

Standards News: BBF Released Policy Control Framework

Broadband Forum (BBF) standard for policy control : TR134 - Broadband Policy Control Framework  (here) was just released, edited by Ezer Goshen from BandWD and Bill Welch from Juniper Networks..


TR-134 defines an architectural Framework to provide policy control of Broadband Multi-Service Networks. This Technical Report specifies business requirements, use cases, and a minimum set of Information Flows that facilitate the management and execution of policies.

The document defines ".. seven high level use cases.  The uses cases are used to describe the needs 
of Service providers and how they can be addressed using both provisioned and Policy based 
solutions.   Most of the seven use cases contain a number of more specific sub uses cases. These 
sub use cases represent the originally contributed use cases, and they have been consolidated on 
the basis of the underlying network functions that are used to address them:
  • Layer 1 – 4 and QoS based Policy
  • Layer 4 – 7 Traffic Policy
  • Call Admission Control
  • Authentication, Metering and Accounting Policy Use case
  • Home Gateway use case
  • Application Layer Policy [see chart below for one of the sub use cases] 
  • Emergency Services Use Case"


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