Friday, July 6, 2012

Telstra Deploys PCC and DPI to Monetize OTT

While many large carriers (KT, Telenor, DT, TeliaSonera) talk bluntly about charging OTT players or users for delivering the voice/video/messaging or other services, or competing with OTTs (SK Telecom), Telstra is taking a more peaceful approach of non-competing, but asks for the very same thing - pay us!

Dr Hugh Bradlow (pictured), CTO at Telstra said in an interview to Mobile World L!ive that he "believes mobile operators should stop attempting to compete with nimble Over-The-Top (OTT) players and instead focus on working with them to the benefit of all"
" .. I think there are two ways in which we deal with Over-The-Top players .. One, we look at ways in which we can help them deliver their services better; obviously we expect them to pay for the additional value we deliver. And the other way is we help our consumer customers to actually utilise that service and have someone to call when things go wrong and to turn it on for them when they need to use it .. the likes of Skype, Google and Facebook will also see the benefits of working with the operator community"

"we have to put in place various mechanisms - policy control, on line charging systems, Quality of Service, Deep Packet inspection - whole lot of infrastructure components which are new and challenging, because they are scalability issues around them and integration issues - then it is expensive and difficult to do .. we are working on it as we speak"
 ".. Some operators have tried to block it and of course that’s led to a whole series of net neutrality debates. But a lot of operators now have taken a view that we are, which is looking at ways to add value to both the consumer customer and to the Over-The-Top player as a way of getting improved outcomes for all of us"

See "Telstra CTO: Operators must embrace OTT opportunity" - here and video interview hereSee also "Telstra CTO: "One of the key issues going forward is the notion of Quality of Service" - here.

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