Saturday, July 7, 2012

Diameter Announcements: Aicent Launches A Diameter Routing Service

Aicent introduced their "Diameter Routing Service specifically designed to help mobile operators quickly and seamlessly establish LTE Roaming interconnectivity services. Aicent’s Diameter Routing Service is currently in ongoing trials with a significant number of leading global operators .. Built upon their IPX Transport Service, Aicent’s Diameter Routing Service supports high data roaming volumes over a single Diameter peer implementation. With guaranteed interoperability between disparate Diameter installations, Aicent’s Diameter Routing Service ensures successful integration among two or more incompatible Diameter gateways, in addition to providing AVP mediation, roaming policies, and proactive Diameter signal monitoring, along with superior traffic management and load balancing capabilities".

"Aicent’s Diameter Routing Service enabled by a powerful Diameter platform, is designed to help alleviate the challenges operators will face while transitioning to an all IP network by offering a robust solution that incorporates scalability, security, routing, and subscriber roaming management".

"To help operators manage the complexities of interconnecting with global operators, Aicent developed their Diameter Routing Service to:
  • Offer mobile operators a single Diameter peer implementation for all Diameter interconnections based on Aicent’s extensive partnerships with LTE operators located throughout the world
  • Ensure a quick and successful implementation between two incompatible Diameter gateways
  • Proactively monitor, alert, and develop reports, in real-time around Diameter signaling, traffic, and  roaming problems".
See "Aicent Introduces New Diameter Routing Service, Gives Mobile Operators Seamless Path To LTE Roaming" - here.

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