Tuesday, July 3, 2012

UK: "3 Strikes" Regulation Expected in 2014; Scam Emails Already Received

Ofcom warned UK consumers over email scams related to the non-existent copyright infringement regulation "Ofcom is aware of a current email scam which attempts to persuade the recipient to pay a fine, supposedly relating to copyright infringement under the Digital Economy Act" (here).
Last week Ofcom published a proposal for a plan similar to the one used in France (see "Large UK ISPs will Fight Copyright Infringements" - here) that will become effective, if accepted, in 2014. 
Mark Tyson reported to Hexus on the scam, showing the fake message "While fresh in the average Brit’s mind some ‘enterprising’ phishing email writers have been crafting a ‘legit’ looking letter, despite being partially written in pidgin or ‘Google Translate’ English (below). 
See "Fake Digital Economy Act fines being sent out via email" - here

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