Saturday, July 14, 2012

IETF: Draft for "Mobile Communication Congestion Exposure"

A new IETF draft for "Mobile Communication Congestion Exposure Scenario" was published (here), led by NEC, Ericsson and UC3M.
"This memo describes a mobile communications use case for congestion exposure (CONEX) with a particular focus on mobile communication networks such as 3GPP Evoled Packet System (EPS). The draft provides a brief overview of the architecture of these networks (both access and core networks), current QoS mechanisms and then discusses how congestion exposure concepts could be applied. Based on this, this memo suggests a set of requirements for CONEX mechanisms that particularly apply to mobile networks" 
"The CONEX congestion exposure mechanism is intended as a general technology that could be applied as a key element of congestion management solutions in a variety of use cases. The IETF CONEX WG will however work on a specific use case, where the end hosts and the network that contains the destination end host are CONEX-enabled but other networks need not be".

CONEX Use Cases in the Mobile Communication Scenario: 
  • CONEX as a Basis for Traffic Management, 
  • CONEX to Incentivize Scavenger Transports, 
  • Accounting for Congestion Volume
  • CONEX as a Form of Differential QoS


  1. Conex: another solution looking for a problem. Another stack of RFCs to sit around and gather dust.