Monday, July 23, 2012

Prolexic Q2 Report: "Shorter, but higher volume DDoS Attacks"

Prolexic released an updated report showing that "Even though the total number of DDoS denial of service attacks increased 10% this quarter, the Prolexic Security Engineering & Response Team (PLXsert) logged an 8% decline in application layer DDoS attacks, which accounted for 19% of all attacks. Infrastructure attacks (Layer 3 and 4) against bandwidth capacity and routing infrastructures totaled 81%".

".. GET Floods, the most popular Layer 7attack type, continued to decline in popularity. In Q2 2011, GET Flood attacks accounted for 22% of all DDoS attack campaigns mitigated by Prolexic. In Q2 2012, GET Flood attacks account for just 14% .. PLXsert also identified a rise in popularity for certain types of infrastructure-directed DDoS attacks: ICMP, SYN, and UDP floods. In Q2 2011, these attack types accounted for 55% of attacks mitigated by Prolexic. In Q1 2012, they accounted for 59% and this quarter, the total percentage has increased to 67%".

See "Application Layer (Layer 7) DDoS Attacks Decline According to Prolexic’s Q2 2012 Report" - here.

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