Thursday, July 12, 2012

Exact Ventures' Diameter Router Report - More Details

Last month I had a post on Exact Ventures' report on the DSC market ("[Exact Ventures]: Tekelec has 75% of DSR Market; Acme and F5 Follow" - here).

As Tekelec was kind enough to share with the world additional excerpts from the report (here), I can add now additional information.

Market size

Market Share

"While the DSC market is still nascent, Tekelec, with its strong foundation in the legacy SS7 signaling market, its early entry into the DSC market, and aggressive promotion of DSCs has firmly established its leadership in the DSC market. With its announcement that it has 19 customers for its DSR product [here], it’s clear that Tekelec has won the vast majority of the large-scale DSC deployments to date".

"While Tekelec has taken the early lead in the DSC market, larger telecom equipment manufacturers like Ericsson, Huawei, and Alcatel-Lucent are poised to enter the market with their DSC products, thereby increasing the level of competition in the market".

[See also my list - here]

Use cases (see chart below for interface mapping)
  • Centralized Routing and Load Balancing (Multiple Interfaces)
  • Home Subscriber Server (HSS) Address Resolution (S6a, S6d)
  • Policy Charging Rules Function (PCRF) Session Binding (Gx)
  • Online and Offline Charging Functions OCS/OFCS (Gy/Gz, Rf,Ro, Sy)
  • Location-Based Services for Emergency (E-911) Calls (e2)
  • IMS Subscriber Registration (Cx, Sh)
  • Protocol Variance and Interoperability Between EPC and IMS nodes
  • LTE-to-LTE Roaming (S9, S6a)
  • LTE-to-2G/3G Roaming (S9, S6a)

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