Monday, July 16, 2012

NI Deployments [163]: O2 Ireland Uses Arieso to Optimize Cell Sites and Reduce Congestion

Arieso [here] announced it ".. is working with O2 Ireland to make significant improvements to its network performance. Using location-aware technology, ariesoGEO is allowing Telefonica O2 Ireland to precisely place cell sites in areas with high network demand, optimising the performance of valuable network resources, and providing detailed insights into the network quality experienced by customers .. ariesoGEO has already helped identify specific changes in data traffic in major cities during business hours, allowing Telefonica O2 Ireland to optimise its network accordingly".
"The need for more cell sites, necessary to bolster capacity constrained networks, is currently creating a significant investment challenge for mobile operators. Getting it wrong can be not just unprofitable, but can actually be making congestion on the network worse. ariesoGEO is enabling O2 Ireland to accurately place sites and monitor them to ensure they meet performance requirements".

See "O2 Ireland boosts network performance and customer experience with Arieso" - here.

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