Monday, July 9, 2012

Update: Sandvine/ALU Agreement Signed; $2.5M Orders Received

Last week my title for the Sandvine's Q2 results post was "Sandvine: Big Hopes from ALU Agreement" (here).
So things should be better now, as the DPI vendor annouced that ".. it has concluded a new supply arrangement with Alcatel Lucent relating to sales of Sandvine’s Network Policy Control solutions to a joint, multinational operator group customer [Telefoinca]".
"In connection with the agreement, Sandvine has received follow-on orders from five properties in the operator group worth approximately $2.5 million. The Company expects that a portion of the revenue relating to these orders will begin to be recognized in its third quarter".

See also the history - "Sandvine - Who is the Global DSL/Mobile Cusotmer with 20 Properties?" - here. Back then, with some help from Huawei.
See "Sandvine Concludes Supply Arrangement For Multinational Operator Group" - here.

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