Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dutch Party Calls to Legalize DDoS

Good news for the security companies. Info security reports that "Dutch opposition party D66 has called for the legalization of DDoS in its new election manifesto .. Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks should be viewed as online public demonstrations, and as such should be regulated in the same basic manner as street demonstrations, says D66 campaign manager Kees Verhoeven .. D66 believes that online hacktivism is similar to on-street demonstrations and should be controlled in a similar manner: regulated, not banned. Under the proposals, hacktivists would need to give prior warning of their action to allow companies to take whatever defensive measures they choose. At the moment this often happens in general if not in detail: hacktivists will often pre-announce their targets if not necessarily the precise time of the attack".

"The move would make a formal distinction between disrupting the online service of a company, and breaking into the servers of that company – a distinction that is not generally held in most jurisdictions"

The party's site [here] clarifies that ".. For clarity. D66 is against shutting down illegal websites or servers through DDoS attacks. This works disruptive and could harm freedom of expression".

See "Legalize DDoS, says Dutch opposition party" - here 

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