Sunday, July 8, 2012

[YankeeG]: "Operators should develop multi-user and multi-device price plans for LTE"

If everybody says so, it must be true. Yankee Group joins the other analysts (OVUM, Gartner, Infonetics Research) in recommending MNOs to deploy shared data plans.

A new report by Declan Lonergan (pictured), VP, Yankee Group, concludes that "The introduction of LTE services in more European countries during 2012 and 2013 presents MNOs with opportunities for fresh innovation, differentiation and market leadership. Their first challenge is to establish LTE as different from and superior to 3G. They can achieve this by positioning LTE as the best choice for customers seeking to connect their tablets, cut their land lines, share data with family members or optimize their spending with flexible prepaid price plans".

"..Operators should develop multi-user and multi-device price plans for LTE. With today’s rapid changes in data consumption patterns, customers will value price plans that offer certainty and control. The migration to LTE—combined with the ongoing economic recessionary challenges in Europe—represents an opportunity for MNOs to compete on the basis of offering the most family-friendly MBB services".

See "Positioning LTE for European Success" - here.

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