Sunday, July 29, 2012

Security Deployments [167]: SaskTel Deploys CloudShield

It seems like SaskTel cares about security, and ready to be quoted on that.

Earlier this month Kindsight announced it has been deployed by the Canadian service provider (here), and now SAIC's subsidiary, CloudShield Technologies, announces that "SaskTel, a leading full service communications provider in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada, will utilize CloudSentry®, the latest platform offering from the company's Cybersecurity Business Unit, to bolster its advanced security posture across its networks. CloudSentry® is an active threat intelligence capability that leverages the company's CloudShield cybersecurity platform, a market leader in deep packet inspection (DPI) capability". 

"The platform works in line, in real-time to control network traffic at multi-gigabit speeds and provides organizations with actionable network attack intelligence that enables them to deliver advanced cyber countermeasures. In addition to providing the necessary hardware and software to implement the technology, CloudShield will work closely with SaskTel to implement and maintain CloudSentry protection to propagate best practices over the foreseeable future .. This new service provides CloudShield customers an active threat intelligence capability that aggregates a variety of public sources as well as the custom signatures developed by SAIC's Cybersecurity Incident Response teams"

See "SaskTel Selects CloudShield Advanced Cyber Countermeasures Solution To Secure Networks" - here.

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