Wednesday, July 11, 2012

An Olympic Preview: Euro 2012 Mobile Video Stats

Bytemobile predicted last month that ".. operators will see a 211% increase in traffic worldwide during the Olympic Games in London" (here).

Flash Networks provides us with its statistics from the recent Euro 2012 football ("soccer") championship, showing it maybe even an underestimate, comparing the size of event and the probably much higher World-Wide (US included) interest.

"Using Flash Networks’ Harmony Analytics, the company observed a 156% increase of traffic to sports sites in Asia-Pacific and a 215% increase in Europe during the final match day .. In addition, in Europe, there was a 210% increase in HTTP streaming of live sports broadcasts during the EURO 2012 final match day, while in Asia-Pacific the increase was only 20%. These statistics were reversed for P2P streaming, with a 123% average increase in Asia-Pacific and a 42% average increase in Europe in June, the month of the competition, compared to the same timeframe during the previous month. These findings reflect the differences in the way Europeans and Asians view football over mobile networks".

Major Sports Sites TPS during the euro final
P2P streaming peak throughput during euro games (compared with peak average)
HTTP streaming (sports) peak throughput during the euro final (compared with peak average)

"Overall, Flash Networks’ results confirm the increasing popularity of viewing special events on the web, which is supported by data recently published by Digital Spy that revealed that 8.3% of British fans watched the EURO 2012 games on the web via a desktop, notebook computer, smartphone, or tablet"

See "Flash Networks Sees Worldwide Triple-Digit Surge in Mobile Video Traffic during UEFA EURO 2012" - here.


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