Friday, July 20, 2012

[Heavy Reading]: Mobile Caching - "part of larger traffic management solutions"

A new report by Aditya Kishore (pictured, see also "LTE will enable pushing cache into the base stations" - here), Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading looks at mobile data growth and caching solutions. 
"In a sense, the mobile caching space is not a separate market as much as it is an extension of other, adjacent markets. Caching is unlikely to be deployed on a mobile network in isolation; we anticipate most solutions will be integrated, partnered or part of larger traffic management solutions. Mobile optimization, network infrastructure, policy and RAN intelligence-type capabilities will all be leveraged alongside caching to better manage network traffic. This is evidenced by the types of vendors that are targeting this market".
"Broadly speaking, mobile caching vendors can be categorized into four groups, based on their history and the types of solutions they offer. Individual vendors within the same grouping have similar objectives, strategies and opinions. Unsurprisingly, they also demonstrate many similar strengths and weaknesses, though they do have individual attributes".

Posts related to companies mentioned in the table below, and their cache solutions: PeerApp, Qwilt, Saguna, Bytemobile, Mobixell, Vantrix, Velocix, BlueCoat, VerivueHuawei,   

See "Crossing the Gi: Will Edge Caching Be the Key to Managing Mobile Traffic?" - here.

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