Saturday, July 7, 2012

Analysis Mason: "CSPs are uncertain of the ROI of many innovative policy use cases"

An updated report by Glen Raggoonanan (pictured), Senior Analyst, Analysys Mason condlues that "The SDP market generated USD3.84 billion in revenue in 2011, up from USD3.73 billion in 2010. Revenue grew by 3% year-on-year, as CSPs concentrated on internal SDP development, instead of buying from vendors. Spending on internal development is not included in our market shares and forecasts .. The addition of SDM to the SDP segment has increased the market shares of the network equipment manufacturers ..Most policy charging and rules function (PCRF) deployments addressed basic policy use cases".

Compare Analysis Mason's market size to Infonetics Research report  "SDP Market to Grow from $3.2B in 2011 to $5.8B in 2016" - here and market share data (chart below) to "Operators' Survey Shows that Huawei, Ericsson, HP, IBM, and Oracle are Top SDP Supplies" - here.

"Policy management innovation saw variable investment:
  • Zero-rating Facebook and ‘happy-hour’ PM use cases were the most common mobile data service offerings.
  • PM deployments supported SDM growth with implementation of adjunct low-latency SPR databases for real-time policy control by specialist policy vendors.
  • There were few innovative policy deployments in Africa for ‘idle’ cell discounts and Verizon Wireless’s Turbo Button.
  • CSPs were (and still are) uncertain of the ROI of many innovative policy use cases, such as parental control.
See "Service delivery platforms (SDP) generated USD3.8 billion in revenue worldwide during 2011, up 3% from USD3.7 billion in 2010" - here.

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