Saturday, July 21, 2012

NSN: MNOs/OTT Partnership Model - Quality for Revenue Share

A post by Carlijn Adema (picture), Nokia Siemens Networks’ Services team, discusses NSN's favorite subject - signaling / chatty applications / keep-alive messages problem and suggests to MNOs how to share revenues with OTT providers, in return for higher quality VoIP.

".. Recent results from a Nokia Siemens Networks Smart Labs study showed that mobile online poker can generate up to 4,000 extra signals per smartphone. When an app like this takes off, radio resources can be impacted, causing congestion and potential quality issues .. Nokia Siemens Networks can analyze these patterns and improve the network performance for smartphone users, helping to extend smartphone battery life and enhance the user experience. But there is even more…". See also "[NSN]: Chatty Android Phones should Move on to Network Controlled Fast Dormancy" - here.
Apple's FaceTime
"..Nokia Siemens Networks’ latest innovation in data service optimization is the optimization of VoIP services. Why? Voice still has a major stake in operator revenue, but VoIP solutions such as Skype and FaceTime are gaining popularity and putting operator voice revenue under pressure. With VoIP optimization, LTE operators can offer their own VoIP service. If operators consider other options, they can keep voice in GSM and 3G technologies but this will cut spectrum management flexibility whilst new ‘over the top’ (OTT) VoIP providers take advantage of their 4G data plans. In this case operators can decide to partner with an OTT provider, and offer quality through VoIP optimization, in exchange of a revenue share".

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  1. Great post. My friend and I were just talking about VoIP so I have spent most of my morning looking up VoIP service providers. I will have to send this to her, thanks so much for sharing Azi.