Thursday, July 12, 2012

Parental Control Deployments [161]: SFR Uses Optenet for Controlled Children Portal

Optenet announced that "SFR has launched with OPTENET’s support two portals specially designed to provide content directed at children, one of them for mobile navigation and the other for traditional navigation. The content available has been compiled by Optenet who is also responsible for updating and maintaining both sites. Furthermore, the service is available free of charge to all parental control customers".

".. Contents are grouped into 10 broad categories: videos, games, education, art and culture, news, music, sports, leisure, hobbies, and school" - see figure below.

See "SFR launches with OPTENET’s support two portals for children" - here.


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  2. Thanks Azi!You are provided a very interesting information about parental software.That is very useful for all parents.