Saturday, July 21, 2012

FCC: Cablevision has "improved remarkably in a flight to quality"

The FCC released the " ..results of its ongoing, nationwide performance study of residential wireline broadband service in its second “Measuring Broadband America” report .. broadband providers’ promises of performance are more accurate. In the time period measured for the August 2011 Report, the average broadband provider delivered 87 percent of advertised download speed during times when bandwidth demand was at its peak. During the time period measured for the July 2012 Report, that number rose to 96 percent. FCC analysis indicates that the improvements of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in meeting their advertised speeds were largely driven by improvements in network performance, and not downward adjustments to the speed tiers offered". 

The charts below show "Average Peak Period and 24-Hour Sustained Download Speeds as a Percentage of Advertised" to this year's report and last year (see "FCC: "Most ISPs delivered actual download speeds within 20% of advertised speeds" - here).

Looks like Cablevision took last year's report seriously! Leaping from the last place with ~50% of   Advertised to the first one this year with ~120%.

See "FCC releases second “measuring broadband America” report; nationwide test of wireline broadband service reveals improved broadband performance" - here.

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